36 solo exhibitions of paintings across Europe, Australia, South East Asia and India. Bachelors in Fine Art, Delhi College of Art. Advanced Photography,Lycee Technique Estienee, Paris. Indian Classical Vocal Music,Gandharva Allahabad, Certificate in Visual communication, IIT, Bombay Research in Concrete Poetry, International Archives, Selb, Germany.Plates of the works have been permanently preserved in the national archieves Germany Running own art gallery – Studio Geeta Vadhera – in Gurgaon, Member, India International Center Design assignments for ChristianDior, Paris and Treasey Loewe,London Chief Designer and Fashion Coordinator, Export Division, Central Cottage Industries Corporation, New Delhi Creative planner, Festival of Arts,- India Produced curtain raiser audio visual –presented to former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, TV producer with DoordarshanIndia – produced weekly Arts Diary Radio producer with All India Radio and BBC External Services, New Delhi. Released Book titled " Ansh"; an anthology of poems based on research work in the field of Concrete Poetry Released series of 5 books – An Introduction to Art conceived and designed for children Awarded Bharat Nirman Award For important contribution in the field ofArt, New Delhi. Exhibitions Outside India "Rik", Show based on the Rig Veda, Jacques Place, Turin "Rik", Galerie Anne Marie Rey, Nice "Time and Space", At Opening of India House, Bonn "Aru", Show based on Isovasya Upanishad, La Finestrella Galerie d'Arte, Canelli Italy "Aru", Audio visual and paintings, Lycee Technique Estienee, Paris "Aru", Urban Development Authority, Singapore "Aj", Show based on Kabir's Sakhis, Funan Centre, Singapore "Aj", with Audiovisual and lecture, Alliance Francaise, Singapore "Ank", Show based on the Rig Veda, At the Opening of India House, Bonn Germany "Sarvam", works based on the essence of the Bhagwad Geeta, Singapore Festival of Arts; supported by audio visual and jazz ballet tap dance by Karen Clarke, Imperial Hotel, Singapore "Sarvam", Alliance Francaise, Singapore "Grenzbereiche der Konkreten Kunst", Forum Konkreten Kunst, Erfut,Germany "Aksh - The Weave" , Calligraphic paintings, WTC, Singapore “The She Shadow”, on aspects of womanhood, Singapore Festival of Art “Saam – An Act of Space” Tours, France “Saraswati”, Art Mosaic Gallery, Singapore* “Qualb Qudrat” The Guild Gallery Dubai. Within India "Ansh", Exhibition on Concrete Poetry, AIFACS, New Delhi "Ansh", Museum of Fine Arts, Chandigarh "Sogarda", Exhibition of the Society of Graphic Designers, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi All India Art Exhibition, Lucknow All India Art Exhibition, Banaras National Sahitya Kala Parishad Exhibition, New Delhi Show of Awic (Writers and Illustrators Association), India International Centre, New Delhi “The She Shadow” New Delhi “Jogia Dhoop” India Habitat Centre New Delhi “Tharro Thar”, Galerie Leela, Mumbai “Qudrat Qirdaar”, Nehru Centre, Mumbai “The Written Word”Apparao Galleries, Chennai, Bangalore* “Womens World”, Galeria des Bellas Artes, Goa “Dar Dahleez” Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi “Drakhat Mere Darmiyaan”, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai “Shah-Shabad” , Visual Arts Gallery ,India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

About Me

I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I have painted on canvas, on paper, (even on newspapers in my childhood!) on photographs, on wood, on glass, and even on a body! I have been trained as a painter in the Delhi School of Art and have had the privilege of working on solo exhibitions across several countries and with several people in the course of my career. People come to me and ask : What do your paintings mean?;, or ;How do I appreciate your art?;. Alas, there is no formula that I am aware of. The meaning, if any, is within you, the viewer. ;its a function of your own experiences. Often the meaning is wordless. I am reminded of a zen koan the zen master keeps filling the cup of tea for his pupil until it overflows and more. The pupil says, Stop master.. it is full, it cannot take any more; to which the master responds, Yes, and until you empty it, there would not be any space for more. So, empty your self. Take some time and view the work. If there is something which haunts you, look deeply. Maybe there is something you find -? The experience, or impact, is what I attempt to paint. As I experience life in its many forms, there are some moments which leave their own indelible impact on me. A visual impact, a presence which haunts me until I have exorcised it by putting my brush to the canvas. Each of my works has its own moment of association and raison dêtre. I paint to relate my inner self, my space, to this association. My invitation to my audience is to allow just that much space to view, or relate to, a canvas so that the painting of a tree isn't just bark and leaves, so that the sea isn;t a body of water. Maybe you discover the lushness within the tree, or, perhaps the depth of a soul within the sea. This may not necessarily be the moment I had in mind when I painted, it may just be your own moment. Perhaps there is a subliminal association. Yes, there is always the other way of appreciation of Art. Is the hand in proportion to the head? Does the face look real? Or surreal? Is the colour-scheme appealing? Is the theme in appealing?; ;its a long list...In fact, I've written a series of books on this subject. But to see only this is to see the form and not the content. Ever noticed it when you go to a gallery, view a painting and feel entranced? Why is it that we spend so much time in appreciating that one piece in the entire show? We say, 'This painting strikes me'without knowing fully why. Perhaps there has been a wordless association of a memory which has made you relate to the same visual as the artist? This response, when evoked, is my greatest reward as an artist. That's when I know that I am successful.

Geeta Vadhera

Contemporary Indian Art

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UPDATE April-August 2018: Geeta Vadhera is currently  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 

If  you are looking  for customized work of art from India, commissions can be organized. Contact us at geetavadhera@gmail.com


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